Helping your ocular melanoma patient

Ocular melanoma patients can feel very alone and the diagnosis can be very frightening.  Patients have to face losing part of their sight, and/or their eye, as well as worrying about what their future as a cancer patient holds.  Your presence is a vital lifeline for them.

The prognosis for ocular melanoma varies greatly from patient to patient.  Some patients will have elected to have their tumour genetically tested.  This may give them information they find useful, or it can make them more anxious.  Your help with interpreting and coping with their prognosis is absolutely key.

Patients understand that their GP may not know much about ocular melanoma, but they really appreciate the care and compassion shown to them, and their GP’s willingness to learn more about the condition in order to support them.

You can contact us any time for more information about supporting ocular melanoma patients.  If you need specific information regarding your patient’s treatment path, you can find the contact details for the relevant eye centres in the adult ocular oncology referral guidelines.

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