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OcuMel UK run a number of online support groups, hosted on Facebook.  These groups are open to members of OcuMel UK, and have the privacy level “closed”, which means that only members of the group can see the posts.

If you are not a Facebook user, you may want to consider registering for a profile so you can access this tremendous source of support.  If you need help signing up for Facebook, please call the helpline and we can talk you through it.

We have three main support groups to join.  Please make sure you have signed up as a member before requesting to join a group.

OcuMel UK Patient Support

This group is for patients only.  It is meant as a safe place for patients to let off steam, ask questions, get support and chat about anything they want.

OcuMel UK Family Support

This group is for family members only.  It is the sister of the patient group, and has the same aims.

OcuMel UK Bereaved Support

This group is a place for those who have been sadly bereaved.  If your loved one died of ocular melanoma, please join us in supporting one another in this group.

We also have a number of information-sharing groups.  There is no limit on how many groups you can join.

OcuMel UK Knowledge and Strategy

This is the main group for sharing ideas and information about the world of ocular melanoma, sources of funding and cutting-edge treatment options.

OcuMel UK Welfare Support

This is the group to join to find out more about sources of help available to those with ocular melanoma.  If you are applying for benefits such as PIP and DLA, this is the group for you.

OcuMel UK Scottish Members

A place for those members in Scotland to talk about issues specific to their situation, and share ideas for the future.

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