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We are a very small charity trying to do very big things!  Our main aims are to bring in a nurse led helpline, provide access to MRI scans and fund research.

Please support our work, there are a number of methods you can use.


Click the image below to make an instant payment to OcuMel UK.  You can choose to make a one off donation or set up a regular payment.

If you can spare a regular monthly amount, no matter how small, it would mean a great deal to the stability of OcuMel UK. Regular giving enables us to plan for the future.

One off Donation


Regular Donation


By Post

Please tell us about your donation by choosing one of the forms below and returning it to us along with your donation to the following address:

OcuMel UK
139 Langley Road

If you would like a copy of the form posted to you, please contact us to request a copy.

Create a donation page

Donations for a loved one can be made by post, by completing a donation form or online, using the link above and writing a note about your donation.

You can also create and personalise a donation page so that friends and family can also contribute in support or in memory of someone special to you.


Step 1

Tell us about your loved one, their name and why you are creating the page.

Step 2

Type OcuMel UK as the charity you would like to raise money for.

Step 3

Log in or create an account with Virgin Money Giving.

Step 4

Personalise your page with a photo if you wish before sharing the page with your family and friends.

Give As You Earn / Payroll Giving

Another option is to see if your employer has a “Give As You Earn” scheme, also known as “Payroll Giving”, that you can sign up to.  If not, you can ask them to set one up through the Charities Aid Foundation.

These government schemes allow monthly donations to be deducted from your salary before you are taxed; making it an easy way to receive tax relief on your donation.

Need to find out more?

Call our helpline today!

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