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Ocular Melanoma: The Eye and Beyond

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OcuMel UK’s 2014 conference was held on Friday 19th September 2014, at the North West Cancer Research Centre (NWCR), University of Liverpool (close to the Ocular Oncology Centre).

We are extremely grateful to all our speakers who gave freely of their time.  Thanks also go to our sponsors; Delcath Systems and Spire Hospital, Southampton for making the day possible, and to the North West Cancer Research Centre and the Liverpool Ocular Oncology team for being such gracious hosts.

Dr Amit Arora - The London approach to ocular melanoma. Dr Arora is an ocular oncologist at the London centre based at Barts and the London NHS Trust.
Professor Sarah Coupland - What happens to your intraocular biopsy? Professor Coupland is lead of the Liverpool Ocular Oncology Research Group and current Chair of the OcuMel UK board of trustees.
Dr Joe Sacco - Treatment options for metastatic ocular melanoma. Dr Sacco is a medical oncologist at the Clatterbridge Cancer Centre.
Dr Laura Hope-Stone - Coping with a diagnosis of ocular melanoma. Laura is a health psychologist working with patients at the Liverpool Ocular Oncology Centre.

Afternoon sessions

Dr Stephen Mason, an expert in palliative care, lead an informal session for patients and family members on the role of the palliative care team in ocular melanoma.

Three patients (Lucy Hoch, Iain Galloway & Adrian Grant) hosted a patient panel where they told their personal stories and answered participants’ questions.

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