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OcuMel UK is a registered charity supporting those affected by ocular melanoma. We aim to help patients and their families by providing accurate, up-to-date information and emotional support via our website, helpline and online forums. Our vision is a world where ocular melanoma patients are given the information, support and treatment they need.

Our helpline is available to anyone affected by ocular melanoma, including patients, family members and medical professionals.  Our phone number is 0300 790 0512, or you can send an email via Info@ocumeluk.org.   Our Regional Support Network provides an opportunity for patients and family members to get together locally.

In September every year we hold our Annual Conference.  This is our most important event, bringing patients and family members together with professionals in the field of ocular melanoma.  We have had some fantastic speakers over the years and the videos can be found here.

Our other work includes providing emotional support to patients and family members going through the hospital or GMC complaints process, or litigation.

We also provide support through our Facebook groups.  If you are a patient please join OcuMel UK Patient Support and if you are a relative or friend of a patient, please join OcuMel UK Family Support.  We also have several other specialised groups including OcuMel UK Knowledge and Strategy  for discussing issues around treatment and funding, OcuMel UK Welfare Support for help claiming state benefits and other concessions, OcuMel UK Stage IV Support for those with metastatic disease (or a nominated representative) and OcuMel UK Bereaved Support for anyone who has lost a loved one to ocular melanoma.

These groups are very supportive.  They are all closed groups and so only the members of the group can see when you post.

In May every year we raise awareness through our  worldwide week long campaign, “I Patch For”.  During this week, you choose day to be your “Eye Patch Day” to spread awareness and encourage others to have regular eye tests.  Read more about this here.

You can find our governance documents here. To view our annual accounts, please go to our page on the Charities Commission website.

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