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9th February 2018

Regular eye examinations – did you know they can save lives?

There is a common misconception that going for an eye examination is all about your vision and how healthy your sight is.

4th December 2017

Petition affecting Scottish uveal melanoma patients

Jennifer Lewis & Iain Galloway explain why they feel so strongly about uveal melanoma patients being given regular MRI scans rather than ultrasounds.

22nd November 2017

OcuMel UK issue press release

OcuMel UK have issued this statement to clarify why we support a petition raised by an ocular melanoma patient in Scotland.

21st November 2017

OcuMel UK respond to the Scottish Parliamentary Commission

We have long supported Jenni Lewis with her petition so she and other patients can access MRI scans in Scotland. You can keep updated with the progress of this petition through here

2nd November 2017

OcuMel UK join #EyeGetDilated

We are glad you join Cure OM and promote the #Eye Smart Campaign running this November to raise the importance of eye tests.  Read more here.

1st November 2017

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