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Conjunctival melanoma may not cause any symptoms at all. Most of the time patients go to their GP or optometrist because they notice a new discolouration on the eye, or see the tumour on the edge of the cornea. Conjunctival melanoma is also picked up through a routine eye examination at an opticians.

It is important that patients report any new or increasing areas of pigment to their GP or optometrist. In the vast majority of cases these patches will be benign, but in the rare case it is conjunctival melanoma, the sooner it is treated the better the outcome may be.

I had a painful, watery eye for many years. It was intermittent and light sensitive. Often it looked bloodshot and for the last year or two a reddish spot had formed on the inner corner.       – Helen Walmsley

I had a large raised dark brown (jelly like) mass on the surface of my eye and it was causing me some discomfort.        – Katie Blair

It looked like a black/brown area, rectangular shape.  At first the doctor thought it was a burst blood vessel.       – Sheila Koszary

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