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Most conjunctival melanoma patients will need long term follow up due to the chance of local recurrence, and the possibility of distant metastases.  The frequency and duration of this follow up will depend on the individual’s prognosis.

Due to the rarity of the tumour, specialists do not have sufficient evidence to recommend a specific set of follow up tests. In individual cases, specialists may request scans including MRI or ultrasound of the head/neck, as well as checks on the patient’s eye.

I am seen in the eye clinic every 3-6 months.  I have a head and neck MRI the same day.        -Katie Blair

Every 6 months I have an appointment where the doctor looks at my eye with a lamp.       -Jay Scott

I attend the eye clinic every 3-4 months because I had rerecurrence of the conjunctival melanoma in my eye.  I have a head and neck MRI every 6 months.        -Sheila Koszary

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